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Sensory Santa for the Families of Early Intervention

Little Talkers Sensory Santa 2018

Taking photos with Santa is the perfect way for families to create lasting memories during the holidays. However, this experience may be challenging for some children who have developmental delays and/or sensory integration difficulties. For some kiddos, standing in long lines and a loud overwhelming environment can be a recipe for disaster. The result is often a frustrating and unpleasant experience for both the child and family. That is why the therapists at Little Talkers hosted their first Sensory Santa for the children who receive services through the Early Intervention program. The premise of the Sensory Santa is simple, to provide a safe and loving environment for children and families to take part in the traditional picture experience with Santa.

Children started by participating in holiday-themed activities run by skilled Early Intervention therapists from Little Talkers in a comfortable environment. Sensory bins and cozy bean bags chairs with books were also available to help children to settle into the space. Next, children sat at a craft table with the help of family members and therapists decorating frames to bring home their pictures with Santa. At this point, children who were ready made their way over to the big man in the red suit for their traditional picture on Santa’s lap. For those who found the idea of a picture a little too intimidating, Santa casually approached the child and sat next to him at the sensory bin or one of the other activities. For example, some pictures included the child giving Santa a high five. Ultimately the child and the family were thrilled because this may be the closest to a ‘Santa’ picture the child will get.

We’re proud to say we accomplished our goal to provide an environment where our kiddos who are differently abled felt calm and ‘okay’. It was an absolute honor to serve the community of children and families we work with. The cheerful faces and smiles of these children made it an unforgettable experience. I am grateful that at Little Talkers, we have a group of caring and thoughtful therapists who dedicated their time and energy to make this event a success.

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